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        March 26, 2012 - VisitReq App Store Launch


VisitReq was first conceptualized by a physician who was frustrated by the limitations and unreliability of his pager. Seeing the proliferation of smart phone technology across the medical community, he thought there had to be something better and thus VisitReq was born.


Dr. Reynolds, along with his co-founder, Andrew Stagg, an experienced software architect and engineer envisioned a system where a smart phone could take the place of a pager while revolutionizing the experience of sending a page. Designed for reliability, security and performance; VisitReq works on both cellular and WiFi networks, use encryption For all pages and provides real-time tracking to see when pages are received and read.

With the launch of VisitReq in March, 2012, the next generation of paging technology is now available to the medical community.